Set up your Adwords Ads

How to Create a successful Google Adwords Ads

Sign in your Google account or click through the given link. Google Adwords..  If you have G-mail account then it will ask you email and password. If don’t then it will ask you captcha. As soon as you get into the Adwords page you will find lots of options. Such as, Home, Campaigns, Opportunities, Tools & Analysis, My Account and so on.

Launching Adwords Ads, Step No 1: Click the Campaigns Management Button and then add new campaign. It will ask you three options: Search & Display Networks, Search Network only, and Display Network only.

creating campaign and network through adwords ads

Recommendation: I would recommend going for ‘search network only’ for new Adwords ads.

how to set Campaign and location on google adwords ads

Adwords Ads, Step No 3: In this step for bidding & budget. In the bidding option select “I’ll manually set my bids for clicks” radio button for new ads. Choose your default bid and budget per day in terms of your PPC ads strategy.


how to set bid & budget on Adwords ads

Recommendation: Use bid simulator strategy for your Adwords ads in order to get maximum profit out & setting up effective bid price.

Adwords Ads, Step No 4: According to the account structure all your Ad Groups should be classified under campaign. In addition, your ads should be classified under Ad Group. So, in this stage give your Ad Group name based on your ads keywords. After that go for creating an ad. I have a special post in my blog section about ‘how to write effective ads‘. Feel free to follow it if you find any difficulties.

Finally choose the keywords in terms of your business niche.

how to create adgroup and ads

Note: Don’t forget to include positive & negative keyword! It will help you to reach the potential customer and increase conversion rate.   

Last but not least, insert your billing details. Your ads will come to light within a short period of time. If you are new entrants in this area and going to launch your ads for first time then contact with me and get an additional £75 worth of advertising when you spend £25. Order me for £75 worth of advertising promotional code now!

Note: Use Adwords preview tools before you launch your Adwords ads. Check it out now how it works and looks like. It’s very important and does not cost you any money.


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