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Adwords Negative Keywords

Use Effective Negative Keywords in Google Adwords Negative keyword ideally means, an advertiser does not want to appear his ads using Negative keywords. In other words, negative keywords prevent your ads from appearing for queries containing the word. This is just because of avoiding irrelevant visitors and clicks and boost your ROI. Use this technique […]

Set up your Adwords Ads

How to Create a successful Google Adwords Ads Sign in your Google account or click through the given link. Google Adwords..  If you have G-mail account then it will ask you email and password. If don’t then it will ask you captcha. As soon as you get into the Adwords page you will find lots […]

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Click-through indicates the number of clicks that your adverts receive after being shown on a search result. It is expressed as a percentage. But the rate of click through, i.e. click through rate (CTR) is the number of clicks receives on your ads divided by how often your ad is shown (impression). CTR literally, Google […]