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Adwords Negative Keywords

Use Effective Negative Keywords in Google Adwords Negative keyword ideally means, an advertiser does not want to appear his ads using Negative keywords. In other words, negative keywords prevent your ads from appearing for queries containing the word. This is just because of avoiding irrelevant visitors and clicks and boost your ROI. Use this technique […]

competition analysis feature screenshot

Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis in Your Niche Based on Keywords Before going for competition analysis for a website, one should consider some important factors. You need to have a good idea of what you are going to up against. Whether will you be able to compete with your competitors or can you promote your site to page […]

Top Keyword Searched by Google 2013

Top Related Searched Terms at Google! According to “Google Trends” statistics, top keywords have been searched in 2013 and back year embedded for your consideration. Google webmaster ought to be tempted to getting this sort of short but eye-catching information. This is quite certain that keeping update and following the current trends are inevitable as […]

How to Do Keyword Research?

Keyword Research For a Site   How to execute keyword research it’s not a easy tune to answer. conversely, through undertaking a comprehensive and strategic research can figure out list of keywords in terms of your business niche. In order for getting competitive advantage as well as beat the competitors, only a planned keyword research […]