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Recently I have passed my GAIQ (Google analytics individual qualification) test successfully. I scored 90%, whereas passing mark is 80%. Therefore, I got the idea to write a blog post to share my experience for my invaluable visitors.

Before I go through, I am going to point out some basic rules of GAIQ test. The test can be accessed at the Google Testing Center, and each sitting costs $50. The test is only 90 minutes long. There will be 70 questions combination of multiple choices and true/false. Passing score is 80% that means at least 56 out of 70 answers have to be right. You will get approximately 1.28 minutes per question. Once you start, you will have option to pause your test and you can come back within 5 days of time to finish your test. Happy to say that it’s an open book exam. During the test, I recommend having the following resources open on your computer: Google Analytics IQ Lessons, an Analytics account, the Google Help Center.

Now I am going to highlight some of my gem experience, which I had encountered when went through the exam. These types of questions are very important for GAIQ test and you must know before you go for exam.

Note: Bear in mind, here only question (GAIQ) and answer (A:) session have been mentioned.


GAIQ: If you see (direct/none) indicated in your report, what does it mean?

A: Someone come to your site from the bookmark or direct type url inaddress bar.

GAIQ:  Site Usage report in Google Analytics includes?
A: page/visit, Avg. time on site, Bounce rate.

GAIQ: How can I see my new content has been viewed by visitors or not?

A: Real time.

GAIQ: Which of the following is not a standard google analytics campaign variable?

utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content, utm_adgroup.

A: “utm_adgroup”

GAIQ:  How do you know fast that Google Analytics code snippet is working on a particular page?
A: Yes, Real Time.

GAIQ: You just added new content and would like to see if people are viewing it. Can you use Real Time to determine this?
A: Yes, Real Time can determine this.

GAIQ:  25 Account per username in Google Analytics.
A: True.

GAIQ:  Your can create upto 20 Goals in one profile  in Google Analytics.
A: True.

GAIQ: If a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, than someone else on the exact same computer also subscribes during the same session, how many conversions will be tracked?
A: Google Analytics will count 1 conversion.

GAIQ: Your visitors have a habit of visiting your site several times before converting. Which metric could help you determine whether or not a particular keyword is part of a conversion path?
A: Assisted Conversions.

GAIQ:  “_utma” cookie for unique visitor identifier number in Google Analytics.
A: True.

GAIQ: Which metric can you use to determine if one type of campaign were responsible for initiating conversions?
A: The Assisted Conversion Value

GAIQ: Reports show that visitors are coming from paused or discontinued campaigns. Why might this be?
A: If the visitors were originally referred by that campaign, and are now coming back as direct visitors.

GAIQ: The URL of an outside website from which a visitor comes to your website is a referrer.
A: Yes.

GAIQ: Bounce Rate?

A:  The percentage of visits to your site where the visitor viewed only one page and then exited without any interaction on your site.

GAIQ: What is one way of determining whether an increase in Average Time on Site actually reflects an increase in site interaction?

A: look for a corresponding increase in Pages/Visit

GAIQ: You are an online merchant. A customer makes an order to be delivered to his home address. He then decides to make a separate order be delivered to a friend’s address. How many transactions will be reflected in your reports?

A: 2

GAIQ: Which of the following could be measured by defining a goal in Google Analytics? (Select all that apply)

A) the percentage of visits that result in a site registration

B) the percentage of visits which contain only one page view

C) the percentage of visits during which visitors spent at least 2 minutes on the site

GAIQ: What kinds of intelligence events are available in Google Analytics? (Select all that apply)

A) Automatic alerts

B) Custom alerts

GAIQ: You notice that the goal conversion rate in your Site Search Terms report is different from the Goals menu report, what is the likely reason for this discrepancy?

A: Not all visits include a site search; only those which did are included in the conversion rate calculation in the Site Search Terms report

GAIQ: Which is the recommended parameter for identifying different versions of an ad?

A: utm_content

GAIQ: The purpose of the URL builder is to generate a URL with tracking parameters.

A: True.

GAIQ: The Goal Conversion tab on the Site Search Usage report would you use to assess whether visitors who search your website have a higher conversion rate than visitors who do not.

A: True

GAIQ: Which of the following will Google Analytics track by default? (Select all that apply)

A) the referrer that directed a visitor to your site

B) the number of visitors to your site

C) the average amount of time people spent on your site

GAIQ: Exclude them in the main Profile Settings is the recommended way to prevent URL query parameters (session_id, for instance) from appearing in Content reports?

A: Yes, that’s right.

GAIQ:  Your can create upto 50 profile  in Google Analytics.
A: True.

GAIQ: Which of the following would prevent you from creating a new profile in Google Analytics? (Select two)

A) You do not have admin rights to the Analytics account

B) You have already reached the maximum number of permitted profiles for your account

GAIQ: Which of the following are possible uses of profiles within a single G Analytics account? (Select all)

A. to look more closely at traffic to a specific part of the site (a page or selection pages)

B. to look more closely at traffic to a specific subdomain

C. to limit a user’s access to a segment of data

GAIQ: The following reports display e-commerce revenue data.

A) the adwords campaign report

B) the All traffic report

C) the e-commerce section reports

GAIQ: What would prevent URL Destination goal conversions from being recorded? Select all that apply

a. the conversion page has the incorrect tracking code

b. The Google Analytics Tracking Code is missing from the conversion page

c. There was a misspelling in the URL of the goal definition

d. The match type in the goal definition is incorrect

GAIQ: The e-commerce tracking code usually placed on the purchase confirmation or “thank you” page.

A: yes.

GAIQ:  “_utmc” “_utmb” cookies for session identifier in Google Analytics.
A: True.

GAIQ: “_trackPageview()” of the following G Analytic methods can be used to create virtual pageviews?

A: True

GAIQ: Which of the following would prevent you from creating a new profile in G.A.? Select two

A) You do not have admin rights to the Analytics account

B) You have already reached the maximum number of permitted profiles for your account.

GAIQ: To track visitor activity that does not generate a pageview. Therefore, anyone wants to create virtual pageviews.

A: True.

GAIQ: Why is it important that you maintain one unfiltered profile when using filters with your analytics account?

A: Since raw data cannot be reprocessed, maintaining an unfiltered profile ensures that the original data can always be accessed

GAIQ: Your AJAX-based gaming website is hosted on a single html page. Which is the best way to measure the percentage of visits during which more than 5 games were played? (Select the best answer option)

A: Track each game-play as a virtual pageview and define a goal for greater than five pages viewed per visit.

GAIQ:  1 Google Analytics account link only 1 Adwords account.
A: True.

GAIQ: You manage a website that sells household appliances. Your site assigns the product id 17 (pid=17) to all pages related to refrigerators. You would like to have a profile where your data includes only pages on your site related to refrigerators. Which of the following would accomplish this?

A: Filter 1– Type: Custom Search and Replace; Field: Request URI; Search for “pid=17″ and replace with “/refrigerator”

GAIQ: ” _trackPageview()”  registers a pageview.

A: True

GAIQ: Which of the following could explain why Google CPC visits are not showing up in Google Analytics? (Select all that apply)

A) A redirect on the landing page stripped out the gclid

B) Autotagging has not been enabled

GAIQ: You have had your Google Analytics account for months, and have been successfully tracking traffic to a web property in Profile 1. You created a duplicate profile -Profile 2- but the profile’s reports are not showing any data. (Select two)

A) You created Profile 2 less than 24 hours ago

B) There are conflicting filters applied to Profile 2 which are preventing data from coming through

GAIQ: Why can AdWords Clicks differ from Analytics Visits?

A) Some visitors may be blocking cookies and JavaScript disabled.

B) ‘Clicks’ and ‘Visits’ are different metrics

GAIQ: Google Analytics “JavaScript is executed even from a cached page”.

A: True.

GAIQ: Google Analytics track search engines other than those that it tracks by default by “modifying your Google Analytics Tracking Code”.

A: True

GAIQ:  “_trackPageview()” and “_trackEvent()”  could be used to track Flash events?

A: True

GAIQ: “JavaScript and first-party cookies” technologies does Google Analytics use to track visitors?

A: True

GAIQ: You have two profiles, which track the same web property. You copy a URL Destination goal from Profile 1 and enable it in Profile 2. A week later, you find you are receiving goal data in Profile 1 but not in Profile 2. Which of the following could be the reason? (Select two)

A) Profile 2 has colliding filters that prevent any data from appearing

B) Profile 2 has a filter that manipulates the Request URI

GAIQ: “A website page viewed by the visitor once they have completed a desired action” best defines a URL Destination goal in Google Analytics?

A) True

GAIQ: “By manually tagging the destination URLs of the campaign” you can track visitors coming from an email, banner, or newsletter campaign?

A) True

GAIQ: What does a high bounce rate on a landing page associated with a particular keyword suggest?

A) The content on the landing page does not properly match the expectations of visitors who searched on that keyword

GAIQ: “Add “utm_nooverride=1″ to the end of your campaign URLs” set up Google Analytics to attribute conversions to the original referring campaign?

A) True

GAIQ: Each profile has its own goals.

A: True

GAIQ: “No personally identifiable data is available” by default in G Analytics reports?

A: True

GAIQ: Which of the following are possible uses of filters? (Select all that apply)

b. Replace complicated page URLs with readable text strings

c. Exclude visits from a particular IP address

d. Report on only a subdomain or directory

e. Include only traffic coming from a particular campaign

GAIQ: “clicks / impressions” is click-through-rate calculation.

A: True

GAIQ: You want to exclude your company’s internal traffic from your reports. Which RegEx would exclude the IP range to

A: ^193\.88\.222\.([1-9]|10)$

GAIQ:  Your can add upto 5 dimensions for each custom report in Google Analytics.
A: True.

GAIQ: Your website uses a shopping cart on a different domain. To ensure that visitor session data is retained when switching domains. “_link() or _linkByPost() method”  you need to implement?

A) True

GAIQ: “Select the “Keyword” dimension in the Map Overlay (Location) report” would find you out which keywords visitors from Tokyo used to find your site.

A) True

GAIQ: You are running a correctly tagged email campaign that refers visitors to your website. How would you track conversions associated with the campaign in cases where visitors did not convert in the first instance, but instead returned at a later time by typing the URL of your site directly into their browser?

A) Tag the URL in the email with a campaign of “nooverride”

GAIQ: A visitor arrived at your website via referrer A on one occasion, and then via referrer B on another. During the second visit, the visitor completed a purchase transaction. To what source will the purchase transaction be attributed?

A) referrer B

GAIQ: You define a URL Destination goal by “editing the profile and specifying the request URI of the conversion page”.

A) True

GAIQ:  Your can add upto 4 sub-dimensions for each custom report in Google Analytics.
A: True.

GAIQ: Which reports telling you how many automatic crawlers (search engine robots) visited your website?

A) Google Analytics does not track the vast majority of crawlers since most do not execute JavaScript

GAIQ: If  “ has several subdomainsand the Google Analytics Tracking Code has not been customized accordingly”  a website have traffic might appearing as coming from “ / referral”?

A) True

GAIQ: “Link the profile to your Ad Words account”  you can configure a profile to include only Google CPC data?

A: True.

GAIQ: “utm_adgroup”  is NOT a standard Google Analytics campaign variable.

A: True

GAIQ: Which of these are available in Real-Time reporting? (Select all that apply)

A) Active number of visitors

B) Pageviews per minute

C) Pageviews per second

GAIQ: “ Enable auto tagging in AdWords” can ensure you that clicks and visits match in your AdWords Campaigns report.

A) True

GAIQ: “categories, actions, labels”  are elements of the Event Tracking data model?

A) True

GAIQ:  The webpage sends an invisible “gif” request containing all data to the secure GA reporting server.
A: True.

GAIQ: True or False: In Google Analytics, you can see how many visitors are on your site right now.

A) True.

GAIQ:  “A first-party cookie is set by the same web site you are visiting; a third-party cookie is set by a different web site than the one you are visiting” the core differences between a first- and a third-party cookie?

A) True

GAIQ: Visit Duration categorizes visits according to the amount of time spent on the site.

A) True

GAIQ:  Filters are executed in the order in which they appear.

A) True:

GAIQ: Where do you find the URL Builder?

A: In the Help Center

GAIQ: You are implementing e-commerce tracking on your client’s site. Their site does not use an “affiliation” field. Which of the following is an example of a correct implementation?

A:  _gaq.push(['_addTrans',






'San Jose',








'Green Medium',




_gaq. push(['_trackTrans']);

GAIQ: Temporary cookies differ from persistent cookies because: “temporary cookies are removed when you close your browser”.

A: True

GAIQ:  “unique pageview” is only found in the content section in Google Analytics.
A: True.

GAIQ: “first-party; utma, utmb, utmz”  cookies Google Analytics use?

A: True

GAIQ: Which of the following are metrics?

A) Pageviews

B) Avg. Time on Site

GAIQ: How might you use the information in the Landing Pages report? (Select two)

A) to see where visitors are entering the site

B) to identify your high bounce-rate landing pages

GAIQ:  By default all tables display 10 rows in Google Analytics.
A: True.

GAIQ: Which of the following are dimensions?

A) Screen Resolution

B) Region

GAIQ: If you manually tag your AdWords campaigns, “Campaign & Keyword” AdWords attributes would you be able to view in your Analytics reports?

A) True

GAIQ:  “_utmz” cookie sets for campaign information in Google Analytics.
A: True.

GAIQ: “banner ads, email campaigns, and non-AdWords CPC campaigns” should manually tag with campaign tracking variables.

A) True

GAIQ: What would prevent URL Destination goal conversions from being recorded? (Select all that apply)

A) The conversion page has the incorrect tracking code

B) The match type in the goal definition is incorrect

C) There was a misspelling in the URL of the goal definition

D) The Google Analytics Tracking Code is missing from the conversion page

GAIQ: Which of the following is not a valid dimension?

A: Address

GAIQ:  Google Analytics sets new “_utmb” cookie expire –
A: 30 minutes.

GAIQ: Where on the appropriate page(s) should e-commerce tracking code be placed?

A: The e-commerce tracking code should be placed after the standard Google Analytics Tracking Code

GAIQ: What are the benefits of linking your AdWords account with your Google Analytics account? (Select all that apply)

A) this will allow Google Analytics to differentiate between Google CPC and non-Google CPC visits

B) this will allow you to access your Analytics data from within the AdWords interface

C) this will allow you to have AdWords cost data imported into your Analytics account

D) this will allow Analytics to calculate ROI of your AdWords spend

GAIQ: “you can rename the pages by entering the desired request URI in the call to _trackPageview();”  to make the Pages report display different names than the actual page pathnames?

A) Yes, it is possible.

GAIQ: Which of the following would cause Google Analytics to track a visitor as new even if they had been tracked during their previous visit to the site? (Select all that apply)

A) if the visitor is blocking cookies

B) if the visitor used a different browser for the return visit

C) if the visitor deleted cookies after the first visit

GAIQ: “Goals”  may only be added to a profile by an administrator?

A: True

GAIQ: You have two websites with different domains (e.g. and which you want to track under a single Google Analytics account. Why would you link the sites using the _link() method?

A: to preserve visitor and session information across the two domains

GAIQ: Your website uses a shopping cart on a different domain. To ensure that visitor session data is related? when searching? Domains, which of the following do you need to implement?

A: the _link()or_linkByPost()method

GAIQ: A cookie is “ a small text/data file written to a visitor’s machine bya a web server”.

A: yes.

GAIQ: Throughout a checkout process the request URI of the page (/checkout?) does not change for the last 3 steps. What is the recommended way to distinguish these steps in Google Analytics?

A: On each page, add a unique request URI as an argument to _trackPageview()

GAIQ: Select the Goal URL pattern and match type that will count all of the following pages as conversions:

A: pattern is “/shoes/buy.asp” and match type is “Head Match”

GAIQ: Why might you see a search engine name appear in the results for your Referring Sites report (e.g. “”)?

A: Someone was referred to your site via a link on a personalized search engine page such as iGoogle

GAIQ: Campaign tracking variables always use when manually tagging a URL are utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign.

A: True

GAIQ: On all the e-commerce transactions are assigned to a single traffic source: / referral. This one may be happening because of the transaction page is on a subdomain and cross domain tracking has not been correctly implemented.

A: Yes. That’s right.


Last but not least, keep reading as much resources as possible. Hope you enjoy my effort. I wish you best your Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) test.


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