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Professional hosting advisement and all related supports for launching website offers by khaled sharif. If you are planning to launch your website or not yet made then I am here to guide you my utmost level. First and foremost thing is what is web hosting? My website is a clear indication of self-hosted dynamic site.

Web hosting is a kind of service in order to publish your website next to the world through internet. There is some company (ISP- Internet Service Provider) who provide that sort of services. Basically, what they do? They have massive data storage capable high tech powerful computer called Public Server which are 24/7 open and obviously connected to internet. Once you register with them they save all your website data into their server. Eventually whenever and wherever around the globe any one request is standard http:// (hyper text transfer protocol) request containing Domain Name your website straightaway shown from their servers to your computer through internet.

Concerning hosting planning there is a number of areas take into consideration.

  • Where are you going to publish your website i.e. ISP?
  • Whether they recommend Domain Name Registration or not?
  • Figure out competitive price analysing price comparison analysis.
  • ISP’s provided bandwidth for publishing video or animated content.
  • E-mail support, maintaining account must include with your hosting package.
  • Make sure hosing service provider have database access.
  • Test out that ISP offers e-commerce site in order for business solutions.

In addition, I do provide FTP (file transfer protocol) support operating FTP software such as FileZilla. I do also support to upload your website to your hosting server by the tools of FTP software.


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