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The keyword research will enable you to make a confident decision for exploring key phrases in order for driving potential visitors to your website. How to do an effective keyword research for a website is undoubtedly a broad question for on-site seo? From my standpoint, search engines return results predominantly based on keywords. Only undertaking a comprehensive research will be able to accumulate a list of profitable keywords. Bear in mind that search engine’s automated robots, called ”Spiders” or ”Crawlers” indigenously copy all HTML part from the web page and then save them in the engine’s database. Therefore, once a search query appears, the search engine will end up (rank) with those websites which is highly optimized in terms of keywords. Therefore, hunting an ideal keyword is one of the most difficult and challenging job for your seo roadmap.

It is meant to be done by the four following steps,

  • How to use Keyword Tool for optimizing your site?
  • Brainstorming & Modifier tools.
  • How to do Competition analysis for your keyword?
  • High commercial intent & business analysis for keywords?

Keyword research (Adword Planner) tool: Keyword tools help you to make your decision and give us versatile information. One of the most renowned and widely used tools for doing this is Google Ad Words. This software allows users to create a PPC or SEO campaign and provides a solid foundation for finding keyword. Through the keyword tool, you can see your competitors keywords what are they using. Which keyword is suitable in terms of location and language? Simply enter a phrase into Google AdWords, we can see the volume of traffic. It works as a key indicator for assessing your performance as well as decision making from past result. Take a look, one of my video clip on Google Adwords about how to find an effective keyword using Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool?



Besides, SEO Book Competitive Keyword Research enables you to see how well your competitors are ranking for a certain keyword. Besides, Google Insight, Semrush, Keyword spy, Majestic seo, Traffic Travis, Market Samurai are exceptionally good one in their respective criteria.

Brainstorming part of keyword research: Creating a brainstorm can be just what we need to get ideas, and creative juices flowing again. Using a brainstorm to build a list of keywords can be a rich resource of information that allows you to map your SEO plan visually. With a clear direction in mind, you will be able to distinguish the following:

  • Keyword search volume (sourced via the Google Keyword Tool), or Google’s Traffic Estimator is another effective tool for estimating traffic.
  • Develop a breakdown analysis of the competition through looking at their websites.
  • Use synonyms and build one’s own list by using Keyword Modifiers Tools for Your Website.

Competitor keyword analysis: Competitor analysis is one of the crucial and indispensable parts for strategic planning. What are competitors targeting keyword? Where is the traffic coming from? Evaluate competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunity & threat through SWOT analysis. Where is the GAP between competitor’s keyword and your keyword and what is the missing keyword that could have been brought competitive advantages to your website. Compare and contrast which content areas on your website are weaker than others. Competing for the top place is not only for choosing keyword but also have a number of factors involved. Such as, Does the Head, Title, URL, Description contain the keyword? What about Domain age, Page Rank, number of BL and on. Recently I have published my own post regarding how to do an effective keyword competition analysis using different types of tools and techniques. Feel free to follow this.

Commercial Intent & Business Analysis part of your keyword research: Evaluating your business nature is a vital factor for keyword research process. What is the basement of the business? What are they doing and what are they going to promote? Who needs the service you are offering? Where is their promotional location? These types of information help you to decide what sort of keyword should be resembled with their business niche. Besides, commercial intent is another essential factor for choosing keyword. Our ultimate aim is to make business, increase sales. So, if you take high traffic key phrase, but low potential for sales eventually all of our effort will be in vain. Therefore, before you go for any keyword you have to examine the commercial intent of that keyword as well.
Recommendation: I would prefer to go for 80 – 100 % commercial intended keywords. Secondly, for choosing a keyword for your website, it is a fantastic way to pick up current interested traffic keyword!

Key Tips:

  • ‘For higher or medium competition targeted keywords will be commendable, but medium or low competitive keyword might be more practical and suitable to your field’.
  • ‘PR1, PR0, and new domain website I would personally advise to go for ‘mid or low-competition keyword’. Because it might give you less traffic, but consequently it will have better chances to come up the first page of Google within a short period of time.


  • Discover keyword what your competitors are using, but you missed.
  • Find out key phrases, which have Competitive advantage and focus on it so that these will steer traffic to your website.
  • Consequently, determine worthwhile keyword, which will drive the web pages.

Finally, as we said before ‘content is the king of seo’ and the content will be great when it is keyword optimized. Therefore, undertaking a comprehensive and strategic keyword research can figure out list of keywords in terms of your business niche.

Keyword Research Tools:

Market Samurai: Noble Samurai is one of the best tool as I usually work. It will save your time and stress from tedious work. Really good stuff for keyword research.  Sign up for free trial and claim your 35% discount today!

Google Adwords Tools: Google has an awesome tool called keyword planner tool which is worth taking in your daily optimization activity.


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