Are You doing your ppc advertising in a best way?

Establish Your PPC advertising campaign in Google.

PPC defines the term Pay Per Click. It is a kind of inbound advertising that appears above the main search results and down the right hand side of the screen on search engines (red line marked in the screenshot) at SERP such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more importantly pay only when someone clicks on it. This is the way how Google generates their revenue and the companies run their advertising. Here are a lot of things to know and play around to establish a best ppc advertising campaign. I will go through so far most of them step by step. I apologize for small size of the picture. I would recommend clicking through to get the actual size. pay per click screenshot

The most benefit out of pay per click (ppc) advertising is,

  • You will have total control on it. You can have an option to specify the maximum cost per click (cpc).
  • It will give a quick result and instantaneous feedback of your Advertising.
  • Higher rankings, therefore, potentially catches the visitor’s eyeball on it.
  • Easy to measure results – impressions, clicks, conversions.
  • No constraints like organic SEO and not time consuming at all.

On the flip side, the main disadvantage is literally it is a De-pocketing search engine marketing (SEM) concept. Sharply speaking, one has to pay per click as per one’s budget whether it gives your conversions or not. Not understood? Ok, fine. Continue very carefully, Conversion means, how many visitors potentially turns into customers, or it can be said that how many visitors turn into your goal. So you should ask, what is your goal? Well, your goal can be placed an order, subscribed your newsletter, filling  contact form,download brochure or something else. One can express it as a percentage. I suppose your conversion concept is clear now. PPC Advertising Target: Bear in mind the principal goal of every pay per click (PPC) advertise is to,

  1. Maximize conversion rate.
  2. Minimize the cost.

But how do we do it? This is the core point to kick through. However, stick around me. Eventually, I will explain every possible best steps one by one.

 Step 1: How to set up a best PPC Adverts using google Adwords:

Now I am going to show how to establish a best & successful PPC advertisement through Google Adwords. There is a couple of things needs to consider before going for PPC Advertisement.

  • Is your advertising keyword ready?
  • Is your bidding price already settled?
  • Is your pay per click (ppc) advert ready?
  • Is your  web page that appears in response to pay per click  so called Landing page  ready?

It is highly recommended following my blog post ‘set up pay per click adverts using Google Adwords tool’. It is remarkably easy, simple and worth following. Dig in now before you proceed! I am sure you already know how to establish a ppc ad using Google Adword tool. It is absolutely easy. Is not it? Yes! It is. It is easy to start but not easy to get the most out of it. Think everyone is competing for a certain keyword to be ranked the first at Google, but who will be the winner in this game? What is the secret to make things distinct? What is the setting makes your business apart? I am going to unlock some technical point to help stuff out the most for your pay per click (ppc) advertisement. Just stay along with your concentration. Firstly, I like you to go through a video content to diverse your mind.

A video content for getting started PPC Advertising using Google Adwords!

I think you got an overview so far. Now let’s analyse a bit details. Sharply speaking, there are four things need to consider in order to be the top of this PPC advertising:

  1. Is your advert (written advertisement) best for worth going?
  2. Is your keyword improved for your pay per click advertising?
  3. Is your bidding price competitive comparing with your competitors?
  4. Have you grouped your ads in Ad Groups?

Now I will come along step by step to get the real scenario out.

Step 2: How to write a best PPC (Pay Per Click) Adverts:

What is the best way to write a great Ad for your pay per click campaign? I have written a post on it. Just try it out to consolidate your concept. How to write a best ads copy?

Step 3: Explore Top keywords Suitable for PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads:

Well, now you have enough knowledge about writing ads. But what about keywords? I have a complete guide for how to do an effective keyword research for a website having high commercial intent (OCI). It is worth pursuing that try to use three keyword match types (Broad, Exact & Phrase) in your ads to get the best out of there. Moreover, you ought to use a negative keyword along with your keyword. So what is ‘negative keyword’? Well, negative keyword stops one’s ads appearing if certain words are included in someone’s search such as, cheap, discount, free, jobs, etc are popular one. That means, anyone does not want his adverts to be appeared to search those keywords. Click here to learn more.

Recommendation: For fresher start from less or moderate competitive keywords. It is worth mentioning using search query report tool  to identify new search terms with high potential that you might have missed out or want to wipe out any terms that are not as relevant to your niche. Note: It is not allowed to include “Trademark” in your Adwords, but it is permissible to use the company name and celebrity name as keywords.

Step 4: Best Bids & Budgets for PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising:

Before you set up your bidding option you should ask yourself, “is my bidding price competitive along with my competitors?”. In a nutshell, your bid type lets us know if you want to pay for an ad clicks (CPC), impressions (CPM) or conversions (CPA). Your bid amount (£) is the most that you want to pay for your pay per click advertising. In addition, your daily budget is the amount of money is you willing to pay every single day for your advertising on this campaign. Bear in mind that advertising position is not only determined by how much you bid per click. Quality score is another crucial factor for your Ad ranking. Keep refine bidding and review your budget all the time. Make the most of your remaining budget by bidding a little more on your best performing keywords. Reduce your bids on less effective ones or add them as negative terms. By using negative keywords potentially gives you right types of traffic and boost ROI.

Recommendation: Use bid simulator strategy to get the maximum profit out & setting effective bid price. For the first time advertising one should set one’s bid price for clicks manually.

Step 5: Group Your Ads Based on Closely Related Keywords:

According to pay per click account structure your Ad Group (under Campaign) should contain at least one or more ads in terms of your related keywords. For example, if advertising for garments then creates an ad group named ‘SHIRT’ where all ads related to shirts will take place on the flip side, another ad group named ‘TROUSER’ where all ads related to trouser, and offer will place and so on. Now I going to point out an invaluable video content where you will see ‘Executive Chef’ was suffering from a low click through rate (CTR), so they reorganized their ad groups and keywords so that they had more relevant ads. After this optimization and ads grouping breakthrough, their clicks increased by 126% and their CTR increased by 140%.

AdWords based Advertising Account Structure: Executive Chef

Please go through it for your better understanding the importance of ppc advertising account structure. Besides, grouping your ads is tremendously essential for split testing i.e., Testing different headlines point to a single landing page or testing identical headline point towards different landing pages or else. Point to be noted: One should set up a default bid per advertising group. Last but not least, split testing. Could be like, testing two different headlines point towards single landing page or testing two different landing pages having same headlines. Keep experimenting. Never stop.

  • Split test your landing page
  • Split test your “calls to action”
  • Split test your PPC ads
  • Split test your “call to action overlays”.

It is worth remembered that a best pay per click (ppc) advertising is not one way journey. Presume it as an evolution process. Continue the testing. Always play around with best ads copy, reviewing your bid and budget, optimizing your keyword and landing page and grouping your ads until you reach the goal. You can establish your own best ‘ppc campaign’ by yourself mentioned above steps & techniques. I hope this article brought to you the best direction to advertise your ads in google? So, why are you waiting for? Let’s start today!

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    Do you think regularly optimizing placements and placement bids in Google Adwords helps prevent wasted spend? You better bet it does. My company was doing PPC in house and I was a little frustrated that the profits simply weren’t justifying the spend. The whole process of regular optimization requires an experienced hand and my in-house employees just didn’t have it. What made perfect sense to me was to outsource it to experts. Simon over at RDM gave us a hand and now we can spend $30k per month on ads without worry because now the investment pays off in profits. Simon’s phone number? Why yes, you may have it:.302-401-4478.

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