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Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis in Your Niche Based on Keywords Before going for competition analysis for a website, one should consider some important factors. You need to have a good idea of what you are going to up against. Whether will you be able to compete with your competitors or can you promote your site to page […]

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SEO Checklist 2014

Hi, welcome 2014! Today we are going to reveal step-by-step SEO checklist suitable for 2014 SEO environment. I am dedicated to write this post for the sake of my readers requests. You know that now a days SEO is changing frequently. So in order to encounter the 2014 challenges and bite all the misconception out, […]

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Practice GAIQ Test Questions

Test Your Google Analytics IQ Skills Recently I have passed my GAIQ (Google analytics individual qualification) test successfully. I scored 90%, whereas passing mark is 80%. Therefore, I got the idea to write a blog post to share my experience for my invaluable visitors. Before I go through, I am going to point out some […]

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Adwords Negative Keywords

Use Effective Negative Keywords in Google Adwords Negative keyword ideally means, an advertiser does not want to appear his ads using Negative keywords. In other words, negative keywords prevent your ads from appearing for queries containing the word. This is just because of avoiding irrelevant visitors and clicks and boost your ROI. Use this technique […]

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On-Site seo Cheat Sheet

On-site SEO Cheat Sheet Scale Your Optimization Techniques Let’s have a quick look how your website has been optimized or going to be optimized. The on page seo cheat sheet will tailor your SEO steps and techniques in terms of Google’s webmaster guideline. Title Tag: The most important on-page element for passing the relevancy. Primary […]

Set up your Adwords Ads

How to Create a successful Google Adwords Ads Sign in your Google account or click through the given link. Google Adwords..  If you have G-mail account then it will ask you email and password. If don’t then it will ask you captcha. As soon as you get into the Adwords page you will find lots […]

Top Keyword Searched by Google 2013

Top Related Searched Terms at Google! According to “Google Trends” statistics, top keywords have been searched in 2013 and back year embedded for your consideration. Google webmaster ought to be tempted to getting this sort of short but eye-catching information. This is quite certain that keeping update and following the current trends are inevitable as […]

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12 Techniques for Onsite SEO:

Onsite search engine optimization (seo) indicates about everything within your website. You can,change, alter as frequently as you want. Before optimizing onsite optimization techniques make sure all your keywords are set and must include your title tag. After that Search engine will presume that webpage was made only for those keywords. The purpose of on-site […]