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Enjoy Some Sample Projects Using Only HTML & CSS


Capability to develop content and designing web pages is ingredient part of my support and service. This page gives me an immense opportunity to demonstrate some of my self made organic work using only html & css. The raw materials of the highlighted projects not only html, css but also their coding have been followed according to W3 School standard. In order to know how to optimize a website certainly, need to edit content by Mark up Language and present them usingĀ  style sheet. Have a look some of my organic self accomplished projects. The raw materials are only HTML & CSS.

Here are some screenshots of my self hosted hand coding (html, css) core work reflection of web content development. Feel free to click them onĀ  to enjoy the real scenario.




My project




Another Project



In addition, go through one of my most effective blog post on HTML and CSS cheat sheet at a glance. In web page development, html is the structure and css works like presentation. Learn solid basic of html and css in your web page design campaign.


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