How to Write Better PPC Ads Copy?

Before writing PPC Ads copy, one should ask oneself ‘what sets your business apart’. You can set up your Ads campaign using Google Adwords.  PPC Ads copy for one of your keywords literally breaks down into four parts. Such as Headline, Line 1, Line 2 and url.

example of ppc ads copy

In a nutshell, PPC Ads format is: 25 + 35 + 35 + URL

  1. Writing PPC Ad’s Headline (blue letter sentence): 25 characters including spaces. Include at least 1 keyword in your headline. Ask yourself why customer comes to you than others. Use headline “sentence case”.
  2. Writing PPC Ad’s Line 1: 35 characters including spaces. Make adverts relevant to what’s being searched for. Relevance gives:
    • Higher CTR (click through rate)
    • Higher Quality Score
    Focus on benefits. Do not forget to use a full stop (.) at the end of the first sentence. I have an individual blog post regarding ‘why full stop matters for writing your ppc ads copy‘. Include at least 1 keyword in your ad’s text to show that your ad is related to that search term.
  3. Writing PPC Ad’s Line 2: 35 characters including spaces. Offer a product or business e.g., “Free Shipping or 50% off today or discount for students”.  Call-to-Action. Try to use strong verbs. Such as, call today, sign up, book now etc. One can also set up “call extension” ideally called click-to-call.
  4. Write Display url (green letter sentence): 35 characters including spaces. There are two types of url used on pay per click ads. Display url and Destination url. In the screenshot ‘‘ is display url, which will point towards your destination page (landing page) url. That’s fair enough to clear your understanding. Isn’t it?
  • Note: It is worth mentioning to use the same domain name in your Display URL and Destination URL. For example, if you’re advertising “”, you can’t use “” as your display URL
  • Use the same domain extension in your Display URL and Destination URL. For example, if you’re advertising ““, you can’t use “” as your display URL. Bear in mind, to exclude of any “http://” or “https://” in your display url.

For beginners, I have to state a little bit about landing page. What is the importance of a landing page? Landing page is the destination page where the potential visitors land on for their desirable information. Does that sense? Write the most relevant landing page for each pay per click ads that

  • Makes life easier for potential customers
  • Reduces Bounce Rate
  • Improves Quality Score
  • More sales/ boost your ROI

There are couple of tips worth-remembering for writing PPC (pay per click) Ads:

  • Always remember to maintain relevancy. Relevancy gives you higher click through rate & higher quality score.
  • Choose relevant keywords and optimize it throughout the landing page.
  • Use at least one keyword in your ads copy.
  • Write what makes your business exclusive. If one offer free shipping or discount or % off,  be sure to mention this in one’s ads. Ensure ads are linking to the most relevant page (landing page) on your website.
  • Write different ads to see what message performs best. AdWords will automatically show the better-performing ads within each ad group.
  • Write Call-to-Action. Such as, “Call Today”, “Sign Up”, “Book Now” etc in your ads.
  • Write pay per click ads to highlight a sale, special offer or new product launch. Example: “Free shipping”, “50% off” etc.
  • Google has recently brought out some free extension. Try to utilize “Sitelink extension” “Call extension” “Location extension”. “Image extension” is one of the new invention of Google which is yet to appear in UK, but already launched in USA.
  • Using ASCII Characters (%,®, +, *) will instantly set your ads apart from others competing for the same keywords.
  • Last but not least, experiment, experiment, experiment! Write at least 3/4 ads per ad group to evaluate which one performs the best.

Bear in mind, Google no longer permits you to include phone numbers within ad copy. Try to distinguish out using trademarks, company name, numbers, celebrity name and allowed symbols as a keywords.

Last but not least, at the end of your editing ads, do not forget to check out your work using  Adwords preview tools.

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